Royal Family Poll

MORI poll for the Mail on Sunday, December 2000

  • MORI interviewed 504 British adults aged 18+
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face on 29 December 2000
  • Results are based on all respondents unless otherwise stated
  • Data are weighted to the known population profile
  • An '*' indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero
  • Poll conducted by MORI on behalf of The Mail on Sunday

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Q1 Would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?

Republic 15%
Monarchy 73%
Don't know/no opinion 12%

Q2 Which two or three members of the Royal Family do you like most? Q3 Which, if any, of these members of the Royal Family do you think sets a good example of how to behave? Q4 Which, if any, of these members of the Royal Family do you think sets a poor example of how to behave?

  Like Good example Poor example
  Q2 Q3 Q6
  % % %
Princess Anne 39 36 12
The Queen 39 35 8
The Queen Mother 29 33 4
Prince of Wales 24 14 26
Duchess of Kent 3 13 5
Prince Andrew/Duke of York 13 8 13
Princess Michael of Kent 1 5 11
Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) 5 3 38
Prince Phillip/Duke of Edinburgh 3 4 28
Prince Edward/Earl of Wessex 2 4 13
Sophie Rhys-Jones/Countess of Wessex 1 4 7
Prince William 42 42 2
Princess Margaret 2 3 15
Prince Harry 10 14 2
Prince Michael of Kent * 5 5
None/Don't know 3 1 1

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Q5 On this card is a list of things, both favourable and unfavourable, that have been said about the Royal Family. I would like you to pick out all those statements that you feel fit the Royal Family.

Privileged 60%
Important to Britain 52%
Hard working 33%
Highly respected 33%
Extravagant 28%
Intelligent 18%
Concerned about people in real need 15%
Have high moral standards 14%
Irresponsible 11%
Just like any other family 9%
In touch with ordinary people 9%
Lazy 8%
Bad for Britain's image 6%
Broad minded 6%
Important to my life 5%
None of these/Don't know 0%

Q6 Do you think that Prince Charles should or should not give up his right to be the next monarch in favour of his eldest son, Prince William?

Should 40%
Should not 51%
Don't know 9%

Q7 To what extent do you support or oppose a ban on hunting with dogs in Britain? Is that strongly or tend to support/oppose?

Strongly support 46%
Tend to support 13%
Neither support nor oppose 16%
Tend to oppose 10%
Strongly oppose 13%
Don't know/no opinion 2%

Q8-9 I am now going to read out a couple of statements and would like you to tell me to what extent you agree or disagree with each. Is that strongly or tend to agree/disagree?

  Strongly agree Tend to agree Neither agree nor dis-agree Tend to disagree Strongly disagree No opinion
  % % % % % %
The Royal Family sets a bad example by taking part in bloodsports 41 20 11 16 12 0
The Royal Princes, William and Harry, should not be allowed to take part in any bloodsports 38 15 18 15 12 2

Q10-12 And do you think the Royal Family should or should not continue to take part in each of the following.....?

  Should Should not Don't know
  % % %
Shooting 41 47 12
Hunting 36 55 9
Fishing 72 17 11

Q13 People spend Christmas in different ways. Which of these items describe what you did this Christmas holiday?

Watched television 76%
Stayed at home 66%
Had roast turkey 67%
Drank alcoholic drinks 67%
Visited friends/relatives in their homes 64%
Had relatives/friends round 52%
Watched/listened to the Queen's Christmas message 19%
Gave money to a Christmas charity 32%
Filled a child's Christmas stocking 31%
Spent less on presents this year than last 15%
Played board games 28%
Went to church 18%
Went to a carol concert/service 16%
Went to a pantomine/Christmas show at a theatre 7%
Had a family row 10%
Played charades 7%
Played on a computer game 18%
Went out carol singing in the street 3%
Ignored the whole thing 2%
Went abroad 3%

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