1979 Devolution Referendum Campaign - Survey 2

A MORI poll of Scottish attitudes and voting intentions on 20-22 February 1979, ahead of the referendum on 1 March

MORI interviewed an interlocking quota sample of 1,037 adults aged 18+ in 40 constituencies across Scotland on 20-22 February 1979. Interviews were conducted face to face. The survey was conducted for the Scottish Daily Express.

Q1. As you may know, the Scottish people will vote on 1st March in a referendum to decide whether there should be a Scottish Assembly or not. How likely are you to vote in this referendum?

Absolutely certain will vote 51
Fairly certain will vote 26
Not sure whether will vote or not 11
Fairly certain will not vote 4
Absolutely certain will not vote 5
Don't know 3

Q2. If you do vote in this referendum, will you vote for the setting up of a Scottish Assembly or not?

  All Absolutely certain to vote
  % %
Yes, will vote for Scottish Assembly 45 54
No, will vote opposing Scottish Assembly 30 33
Will not vote 5 *
Don't know 20 12

Q3. Would you be in favour of having a Scottish Assembly if it meant that the 71 Scottish MPs now at Westminster were to be reduced to about three-quarters, say about 57 MPs? Q4. Would you be in favour of having a Scottish Assembly if it meant that there would no longer be a Secretary of State for Scotland sitting in the British Cabinet? Q5. And would you be in favour of having a Scottish Assembly if it cost the Scottish people £13 million a year?

  Q3 MPs reduced Q4 No Secretary of State Q5 Cost £13m
  % % %
Yes 44 32 35
No 37 47 47
Don't know 19 21 18

Q6. How much do you personally care about the results of the referendum on the Scottish Assembly?

I care very much 33
Care a lot/quite a bit 41
I don’t know/much care 19
I don’t care at all 5
Don’t know 3

Q7. Which of these national politicians best represents your views?

James Callaghan 33
Margaret Thatcher 20
David Steel 9
Enoch Powell 4
Tony Benn 3
None of these 24
Don't know 7

Q8. Which of these Scottish politicians best represents your views?

Teddy Taylor 22
Margo MacDonald 18
Bruce Millan 11
Jo Grimond 9
Tam Dalyell 7
None of these 21
Don't know 14

Q9. Now I would like you to tell me which of these politicians are in favour of a Scottish Assembly? Q10. And which of them are opposed to a Scottish Assembly?

  In favour Opposed Net
  % % ±%
Margo MacDonald 70 1 +69
Bruce Millan 25 4 +21
Jo Grimond 17 7 +10
Tam Dalyell 6 35 -29
Teddy Taylor 6 44 -38
None of these 2 2
Don't know 22 36

Q11. How would you vote if there were a general election tomorrow? Q12 (If undecided or refused) Which party are you most inclined to support in a general election? Base: All expressing a voting intention (941)

Conservative 32
Labour 44
Liberal 2
SNP 21
Other 1

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