Global @dvisor Survey reveals negative attitudes to immigration

The Global @dvisor Survey examines public attitudes to immigration and finds that people everywhere see immigration increasing ...and they don't seem to like it..

Ipsos’s global poll of 24 countries on attitudes to immigration included nine EU member states. In seven of them, the majority of those surveyed regard immigration as having had a negative impact on their country; Sweden and Poland are the only exceptions. A majority of citizens in France (64%), Belgium (62%), Italy (62%), Sweden (59%), Spain (54%) and Germany (51%) favour the reintroduction of border controls in the Schengen zone, while citizens of Britain, a country not even in Schengen, are the most in favour (74%) of increased controls on the Continent. Among those who support the reintroduction of border controls in the Schengen zone, 51% of Europeans surveyed do so to control immigration and 42% support controls to improve security. Among those who oppose border controls, 71% do so because they see freedom of movement as a right of membership of the European Union.

Technical note:

Ipsos Global @dvisor is conducted online in 24 countries.  An international sample of 17,601 adults aged 18-64 in the US and Canada, and age 16-64 in all other countries, were interviewed for this study. Approximately 1000 individuals participated in each country with the exception of Argentina, Belgium, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and Turkey, where each had a sample of 500. Fieldwork was conducted in June 2011. Results were weighted to balance demographics and ensure that the sample's composition reflects the adult population of each country according Census data. Respondents are general population, with the exception of China, India, and South Africa where the sample is made up of more affluent adults. For more information, please visit:

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