ESSENTIALS - Evolving your business in response to COVID-19

Understanding changing consumer attitudes and behaviours amidst the COVID-19 crisis and what it means for businesses and brands with ESSENTIALS.

Ipsos has recently launched a new weekly syndicated tracker, called ESSENTIALS, tracking the public’s latest attitudes, behaviours and future intentions as the world emerges from this crisis. 

The study has been designed to help businesses adapt, plan and execute in these turbulent times. It offers fast, cost-effective answers to help you navigate as consumer attitudes and behaviours continue to evolve, including insights that cannot be found elsewhere, such as: 

  • Brand/product prioritization and switching, including likelihood to continue buying new brands in the future, across a range of categories relevant to your business
  • Ethnographic videos of consumer attitudes and behaviours during the pandemic 
  • COVID-19 Journey Mapping showing where people are in dealing with the crisis and what is likely to happen 
  • People’s current emotions measured through our validated Censydiam segmentation framework 

We can offer a range of packages depending on your budget and geographical interests.

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