Political Monitor May 2008

Ipsos's May Political Monitor (conducted 15-20 May 2008 among 1,006 GB adults age 18 and over) shows the Conservatives leading over Labour by thirteen points among those 'certain to vote' at an upcoming general election (45% compared to 32%).

Satisfaction with the Government has dropped 11%, with 'net satisfaction' (those satisfied minus those dissatisfied) at -51% (compared to -40% in March). Also, Brown's personal ratings have dropped six points in the last month, from a net satisfaction score of -38% to -44%. Among Labour supporters, 4 7 % are satisfied with Brown and 41% dissatisfied, yielding a net satisfaction score of +6% - a slight increase since April. Four in ten (40%) people are satisfied with the way David Cameron is doing his job as leader of the Conservatives, with just under a third dissatisfied (31%). Amongst party supporters he has a net satisfaction score of +59, which is the highest satisfaction for a Conservative leader from party supporters since Labour came to power in 1997. Crime/law and order (41%) has overtaken race relations/immigration (37%) as the top issue facing the country, though these still constitute the top two issues, as they have done since November. Following these are two related issues - the economy (as with April, the highest score since June 1993 at 34%) - and inflation/prices, which has increased 10% to 21% (the highest score for this issue since April 1991). Increases in these areas are at the expense of other issues which have consistently been scoring higher - concern about defence/foreign affairs (13%) has not been so low since before 9/11, concern about schools/education (13%) is the lowest since January 1990, and concern about the NHS (19%) is at the lowest score since August 1987 - almost 21 years. Economic optimism remains low, with two-thirds (67%) believing the general economic condition of the country will get worse over the next 12 months, and just 7% thinking it will improve. Topline Results
  • Ipsos interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,006 adults aged 18+ at 203 sampling points across Great Britain.
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face between 15-20th May 2008.
  • Data are weighted to match the profile of the population.
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