Royal Family / Monarchy Poll

MORI poll for the Sun after the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales

  • MORI interviewed 602 adults aged 18+ across Great Britain.
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone on 6-7 September 1997.
  • Data are weighted to the profile of Great Britain.
  • An asterisk (*) denotes a figure between zero and 0.5%.
  • Where percentages do not sum to 100, this may be due to multiple responses, the exclusion of don't knows or computer rounding.
  • Base: All respondents, unless stated.

Q1 On balance, do you think the Queen has done a good job or a bad job as monarch?

Good monarch 63
Bad monarch 22
Don't know 14


Q2 On balance, do you think Britain would be better off or worse off if the monarchy was abolished, or do you think it would make no difference?

Better off 16
Worse off 53
Make no difference 28
Don't know 3


Q3 Since the death of Princess Diana last weekend, would you say your overall impression of the Royal Family has become ...

... more favourable? 15
... less favourable? 39
... stayed the same? 43
Don't know 3


Q4 Why do you say that? Base: All saying their overall impression of the Royal Family has become less favourable (224)

Not flying the flag at half mast at Buckingham Palace 12
Royal Family / Queen not making public statement about Diana's death 27
Royal Family's / Queen's decision to remain at Balmoral 16
Diana was the nicest one in Royal Family 7
Royal Family / Queen doesn't care 17
Royal Family / Queen's poor treatment of Diana 19
Other 39
Don't know 0


Q5 On balance, which of the following options comes closest to your view about what should happen? The Queen ...

... should continue to reign until she dies or becomes too old 52
... should stand down in favour of Prince Charles 12
... should stand down in favour of Prince William 31
Don't know 5


Q6 On Friday the Queen paid a nationwide tribute to Princess Diana, met mourners outside St James's Palace and ordered the flag at Buckingham Palace to be flown at half mast. Which of the following comes closest to your view?

This was a timely intervention which has helped to improve the image of the Royal Family 42
This was too late to save the Royal Family's image from being damaged 44
Neither 12
Don't know 2


Q7 Would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?

Republic 18
Monarchy 73
Don't know 9


Q8 And if Prince William were to become the next monarch, would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?

Republic 11
Monarchy 82
Don't know 7


Q9 If the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles continues, do you think it will benefit or harm the monarchy, or do you think it will make no difference?

Benefit monarchy 1
Harm monarchy 57
Make no difference 38
Don't know 4


Q10 If Prince Charles were to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, do you think he should still be allowed to become King, or not?

Should 28
Should not 66
Don't know 6


Q11 How, if at all, do you think the life of Princess Diana should be commemorated?

Erect a statue 15
Build a children's hospital 15
Dedicate the Millennium Dome to her 2
Name a special day after her 9
Name a charity after her 11
World wide ban on landmines 6
Special commemorative stamp *
Princess Diana Memorial Fund 16
Continue to support her charities 12
Other 16
Should not be commemorated 4
Don't know 17


Q12 Have you signed, or do you plan to sign a book of condolences for Princess Diana, either in London or elsewhere?

Yes, signed 26
Yes, plan to sign 22
No, not signed / have no plans to sign 50
Don't know 2


Q13 And have you left, or do you plan to leave, a floral tribute to Princess Diana?

Yes, have left 17
Yes, plan to leave 11
No, have not/have no plans to leave tribute 70
Don't know 1


Q14 Did you watch or listen to the Queen's broadcast to the nation on Friday evening? IF YES: Did you watch / listen to it live at 6pm or later?

Yes, watched / listened to it at 6pm 71
Yes, watched / listened to it at another time 14
No, didn't watch / listen to it 15
Don't know / can't remember 1

Q15 And did you watch or listen to the funeral of Princess Diana this morning / Saturday morning? IF YES: And did you...

Yes, watch funeral on television 90
Yes, watch funeral at public screening 1
Yes, listen to funeral on radio 1
No, watch / listened to it later 4
No, did not watch / listen to funeral 4
Don't know %


Q16 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "Earl Spencer's tribute to Princess Diana reflected the mood of the nation"

Agree strongly 77
Tend to agree 13
Neither agree nor disagree 8
Tend to disagree 1
Disagree strongly 1
Don't know 0


Q17 And finally, what were you doing when you heard about the death of Princess Diana?

Lying in bed 38
Eating breakfast 11
Talking to friends / On the phone 7
In the car 2
In the bath / bathroom 1
Playing with the kids *
Working 3
Reading the papers / book 2
In the pub *
Watching TV 16
Listening to radio 6
Other 17
Can't remember / don't know 1

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