[WEBINAR RECORDING] KEYS – Generations myths and demographic realities

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Media excitement about the idiosyncrasies of each generation is never far away. But a quick dive into the evidence reveals a more complex picture. Generalisations about generations can only take us so far. 

Meanwhile, the prospect of global population decline, set to begin from the middle of the century, is focusing minds. More than 30 countries around the world are already losing population. Demography is now politics; soon it will be a business issue too. 

The next episode of our KEYS webinar series finds us exploring how businesses can foster genuine connections with diverse generational groups and take the right steps right now to prepare for tomorrow’s population realities. We’ll be sharing the findings from our new Ipsos Generations Report and inviting your questions along the way:

Generation Z

The first global generation? We review the evidence from around the world and consider how we can meet the evolving needs of this much-talked-about age cohort as they start to mature. 

Seniors in the Spotlight

In the U.S., older people make up more than a quarter of all adults, but control 70% of the assets. How can we do a better job at marketing products and services to “Boomers”? We share new analysis from the US, UK, Italy and Japan. 

The Aging Economy

 South Korea’s fertility rate now stands at 0.7 and its population is falling. Other countries are set to follow a similar path. We explore the lessons from the Korean experience and take a look at how businesses are adapting to today’s realities. 

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