[WEBINAR] KEYS – ESG: Are we making progress?

Join Ipsos for its complimentary KEYS webinar series dedicated to helping brands and organizations better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

Each session features new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research. Did you miss a previous installment? Click here to access our on demand archives.

Recent years have seen organizations around the word coming under increasing pressure to do business more sustainably. ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) considerations are now a key part of many companies’ strategies and roadmaps.

Our annual survey of corporate communication professionals finds 63% saying that ESG has “fundamentally changed the way our business operates”. But how can we translate this imperative for change into authentic, meaningful achievements?

These are not easy topics. For many people, given today’s uncertainties, climate change now falls into the "important but not urgent" category. When it comes to how to build stronger and more inclusive societies, the political consensus can be lacking. Meanwhile, regulatory frameworks vary from place to place.

The next episode in our KEYS webinar series finds us taking stock as we explore where progress is being made and discuss the challenges that lie ahead.

The Vibrant Fringes: 

The term “fringes” refers to niche or unconventional segments of the market that exist outside the average consumer base. But people on the fringes are often the source of disruptive innovation, breakthrough ideas and new trends. We explore how listening to voices from the fringes can unveil opportunities for growth.  

The Climate of Opinion:

We review how people around the world feel about different aspects of the ESG agenda, including a special feature on our new Earth Day survey. At the heart of our considerations: how can organizations transfer the desire for action into genuine, impactful behavior change? 

Diverse Challenges:

Asia Pacific is home to more than half the world’s population. But the ESG context varies significantly by country and culture. We take a look at how nations, businesses and citizen-consumers have been adapting in different parts of the region.

Brazil: The View from Here:

We take a look at how the ESG agenda has been resonating in Brazil, exploring the intersections between social and environmental challenges, the state of public opinion and the role of business and government in this context.

The webinar will also include a Q&A with our presenters.

To join us on  April 25, please register here.