ANA/SeeHer 2-Day Gender Equality Conference

Prepare your brand for future success where gender equality isn’t a nice to have, it’s a cultural requirement. Join Ipsos at the ANA/SeeHer 2-Day conference aimed at galvanizing participants to commit to tangible actions that will transform the landscape of marketing, media, and entertainment, promoting gender balance and fostering a more equitable future for generations to come.

Ipsos’ Lindsay Franke, Rachel Rodgers and Mallory Newall will discuss How brands can navigate the upcoming election [Friday, May 3 | 8am].

The 2024 election cycle is certain to create a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, for both consumers and brands. In today’s climate, politics runs the risk of consuming everything. How should brands prepare? Expect to hear how scenario planning can help transform that tension into proactive strategic conversations, and hear practical tips about what you should, and perhaps should not, do as the US heads to the ballot box.

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At Ipsos, we are dedicated to researching issues of diversity and inclusion, including gender and intersectionality. Click here to access our library of thought leadership on this topic.


  • Lindsay Franke
  • Rachel Rodgers
  • Mallory Newall