Cliff’s Take: Nation Still Divided On Who Won The Election

Trump’s Protest Resonates With Many Republicans

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  • Clifford Young President, US, Public Affairs
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We are now 17 days from the election.  But we still are counting the votes—almost there but not quite.  Trump, against all odds, still hasn’t conceded.  Is there a method to his madness?  It seems to be persuading a sizeable number of Republicans. Watch out FOX!

The chill is in the air now in Washington, D.C., as we enter the holiday season.  I hope all can enjoy the first COVID-19 Thanksgiving with family.  We all need it.  But make sure you stay away from talking politics at the dinner table.  This is a Young family rule—both for the American and Brazilian branches of the family.

Below are the most relevant polling data points of the week.

  1. Legitimacy—in the eye of the beholder. It is again a tale of two Americas. We are divided when it comes to the outcome of the election. Democrats see it as legitimate; Republicans do not. Little has changed. Election legitimacy


  2. Trump Won? A majority—even if slight—of Republicans think he won.  Alternative facts; alternative narratives; alternative realities. This is our new world. Rightful winner


  3. The Biden blues. Feelings run deep. The data is clear. You are either for the blue team or the red team.  If you are Democrat, Biden’s win is a relief. If you wear a red jersey, not so much.  Again, our divisions run deep, cutting us viscerally. Feelings about election


  4. Return of COVID. The pandemic is raging all around us; for a bit we forgot this collectively as our focus was on the election.  But Americans are aware of the risks out there.  Look at our most recent Axios-Ipsos poll—Americans see and feel COVID’s assault.  Yes, vaccines are on the horizon.  The virus might be down but still not out. Perceived risk COVID


  5. Paltry Turkey Day. 2020—the year of COVID—has been about tightening the belt, leaning on friends and family, and dealing with relative isolation. Thanksgiving will happen but maybe not with all the bells and whistles of past years.  Look at the data.  Red team and blue team at least agree on this point. Holiday spending


To all, have a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family.  This has been a brutal, exhausting year.  Let’s focus on what unites, not divides us in this next week.  I will start with the basics—family.

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The author(s)

  • Clifford Young President, US, Public Affairs