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Public Opinion on Coronavirus

Consumers, Brands, and Coronavirus

Research, Insights, and Coronavirus

Public Opinion on Coronavirus

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  • We rounded up all our hard coronavirus polling data in one place. Click here to dig in to it.
  • A majority of Americans are hopeful we can get COVID-19 under control in six months, according to the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index. At the same time, however, most believe the federal government is making our country’s coronavirus recovery worse. Read more here.
  • Three-quarters of adults globally say they would get a vaccine for COVID-19. Read more here.
  • We should all be cautious of the polls at this stage of the game, writes Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs President Cliff Young: They aren’t yet ready for prime time. Most people are still tuned out, and swing state numbers suggest Trump’s position – though bad – might not be irredeemable. Read more here.
  • One-in-five people got medication in the mail last week, and a quarter of those deliveries were delayed, according to new polling from the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index on the U.S. Postal Service. Read more here.
  • 57% of people say they have had to take a break from the news or social media to help reduce stress or anxiety, according to a new MDVIP/Ipsos poll. Read more here.
  • A third of people let go from their jobs say that their ability to make rent or mortgage payments is getting worse, and one-in-four Hispanic adults say it’s getting harder to afford household goods. Read more here.
  • Half of Americans now say they know someone infected by the coronavirus, according to the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index. Read more here.
  • Who are we kidding? At the end of the day, enforcing social distancing in schools is almost bound to fail, writes Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs President Clifford Young. Read more here.
  • Parents don’t expect it to be safe to send kids back to school until 2021. Read more here.
  • Two-thirds of teachers prefer to teach remotely this fall, according to an NPR/Ipsos poll. Read more here.
  • Trust in leadership is crumbling in the states hit hardest by coronavirus. Read more here.
  • Support for Joe Biden continues to rise: 49% of registered voters say they would vote for him, compared to 38% who would vote for President Trump, according to the Reuters/Ipsos Core Political Survey. Read more here.
  • Three-quarters of Republicans and nearly all Democrats support continuing the pandemic benefits that are about to expire. Read more here.
  • Americans are looking for more aggressive, centralized leadership to contain the crisis. Read more here.
  • 61% of Americans think taking first-generation COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they’re available would be a moderate or large risk, according to the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index. Read more here.
  • 59% of Americans are concerned that their children are falling behind in their education, but there’s still a wide gap between Democrats and Republicans on sending kids back to school, according to ABC News/Ipsos polling. Read more here.
  • 82% of Americans want coronavirus relief loans for small businesses to keep flowing, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. Read more here.
  • A chunk of Americans believe the official statistics on the coronavirus are overstated, a delusion has only grown over the course of the pandemic, writes Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs President Cliff Young. President Trump’s handiwork is all over this – but what’s the method to his madness? Read more here.
  • By a margin of almost four to one (56% to 15%), most Americans believe the U.S. is reopening the economy too quickly rather than too slowly, according to the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll. An additional 29% believe the economy is being reopened at the right pace. Read more here.
  • The U.S. surprised people around the world when it gained back some of the monumental number of jobs lost during the crisis. But many older workers — who often find it difficult to find a new job — are still doubtful that jobs will quickly return. Read more here.
  • Racism in public health, employment, and policing are coming to a head in America. Here's why. Read more here.
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Consumers, Brands, and Coronavirus

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  • Here's the latest on consumer sentiment from the Ipsos Coronavirus Consumer Tracker. See the data here.
  • The top performing brands on COVID-19 safety are Wells Fargo, Panda Express and Whole Foods. Here's what else Ipsos learned from sending thousands of mystery shoppers to figure out how well brands have executed health and safety plans to fight the pandemic. Read more here
  • Black Americans travel differently – especially affluent ones. Here’s why, and what that means for brands.
  • As small businesses go digital to survive the coronavirus, financial services players must innovate. Read more here.
  • Here's how demand has built up in affluent Americans during the coronavirus. Read more here.
  • Ipsos gathered two dozen experts for a day of panels on the future of food – exploring how the coronavirus is affecting the industry today, and how it will change the way the industry operates for years to come. Watch the six panels here in our on-demand webinar summit.
  • The emotional ups and downs of the coronavirus have inspired people to use a variety of coping mechanisms and self-care routines. Here's how brands can help people deal with the coronacoaster. Read more here.
  • Back-to-school shopping is a major retail event, second only to the holiday season. But as many schools opt for distance learning or attempt an in-person schedule, how parents spend for their kids this school season is shaping up to be far different than in previous years. Read more here.
  • The coronavirus changed how people see the world. Here’s how brands fit in now. Watch our on-demand webinar here to find out.
  • As the pandemic drags on, relationships are getting more serious. Read more here.
  • The coronavirus has disrupted how we buy food. Here’s how to keep customers coming back. Read more here.
  • More than half of Black Americans and a third of Hispanic/Latino Americans believe white Americans receive higher quality healthcare, according to the Beryl Institute-Ipsos PX Pulse. Read more here.
  • Private rentals are twice as popular as last year as Americans set out for pandemic travel. Read more here.
  • The coronavirus could permanently affect how affluent young people see the world – and spend money. Read more here.
  • The coronavirus has propelled virtual medical care into the mainstream, creating a permanent shift, according to Ipsos’ Digital Doctor 2020 Survey. Read more here.
  • Most Americans are uncomfortable with making major and other household purchases: Compared to six months ago, 63% say they are less comfortable making a major purchase like a home or a car. Read more here.

  • The growing appeal of investing in businesses from countries around the world may be dampened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.
  • With surging unemployment rates and reduced consumer purchasing power, a global economic crisis is developing. In times of such uncertainty, smart actions can help companies be poised for growth when recovery begins. Read more here.

  • Want your message to resonate in the crisis? Preach what you practice. Here’s how brands can break through the sea of sameness to connect with their audiences. Read more here.

  • New spikes of the coronavirus and civil unrest across the country have Americans wavering between two mindsets. Here's how brands can understand what Americans are thinking. Read more here.

  • What's the future of travel after the coronavirus? Ipsos' What The Future explores what it might look like with an expert panel. Watch our on-demand webinar here.

  • American consumer confidence is oscillating every week, a reflection of the nationwide uncertainty as attempts to reopen are threatened by a renewed surge of coronavirus cases. Read more here.

  • Glimmers of hope and cautious optimism are helping to drive creative and unconventional plans to enjoy summer this year. Read more here

  • There are signals people's vehicle preferences are changing: Electric car adoption will accelerate but self-driving acceptance may slow. Read more here.

  • The world runs on data. Here’s how to get people to trust your company with it. Read more here.

  • The coronavirus led to a sudden growth in pick-up services due to social distancing restrictions and safety concerns. Watch our on-demand webinar to see how you can make sure your processes are measuring up to your brand standards and customer expectations. Watch here.

  • Streaming was TV's next big battleground. Then the coronavirus hit. Revisit our on-demand webinar to hear fresh insights into the streaming landscape including brand perception, driver, and choice. Watch here.
  • The heart of the auto industry is face-to-face interaction. Here's how it has been forced to change by the coronavirus — and what other industries can learn. Read more here.
  • U.S. consumer confidence has fallen again after several weeks on the rise — but more people want the economy to reopen every week, according to the Ipsos Global Consumer Confidence Index. Read more here.
  • What's the future of transportation after the coronavirus? Ipsos' WTF pictured the world in three different versions of our pandemic future, and asked experts to weigh in. Read the full magazine here.
  • Here's what consumers think of transportation in the U.S. right now, and how their habits have changed. See the data here.
  • 61% of American consumers are still delaying visits to brick-and-mortar retail because they're afraid of getting sick, a new Ipsos study shows. Read more here.

  • The U.S. is starting to reopen, but some Americans are getting ready for another lockdown – and thinking about home improvement projects to make it easier to work from home. Read more here.

  • With consumer tensions at an all-time high, restaurants might get only get one chance to regain clientele when they reopen. Watch our on-demand webinar and learn more about making sure customers feel safe.
  • Watch the on-demand webinar of our virtual summit on the auto industry, featuring more than a dozen experts and industry panelists who take a deep dive into how the coronavirus is impacting the U.S. auto sector. Watch here.
  • People want to explore the world from their cars during the coronavirus, but many are still cautious. Read more here.
  • How brands can get reopening right — and gain market share, charge a premium, and increase enterprise value. Read more here.

  • A brand's response to the pandemic will impact shopping intentions for more than half of Americans, according to a new PepsiCo Beverages North America-Ipsos poll. Read more here.

  • Consumers are expected to stick to their COVID behaviors. Here's how brands can ready themselves. Read more here

  • The coronavirus isn’t stopping people from planning vacations this summer — if it’s allowed. Here's who wants to get out the most. Read more here.

  • Here’s what the path back to normal might look like after the coronavirus —  and how brands can help consumers navigate the path to restoration. Read more here.

  • Brands might only have one chance to win back consumers as the economy reopens. Here’s how Ipsos can help. Read more here.

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Research, Insights, and Coronavirus

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  • Signals #8: Our latest research on the coronavirus draws on our latest opinion studies, social listening data and expert analysis around the world. Read the full report here.
  • Three-quarters of Americans think Congress should require an emergency 3-year increase in foundation payouts from 5 percent of assets to 10 percent – and require that donor-advised funds have a 10 percent payout to active charities, according to the results of a recent poll conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Giv3. Read more here.
  • We asked veterans nationwide how they think the VA system is dealing with the coronavirus — then compared the answers from those using the VA system to those who aren't. Read more here.
  • Ipsos is launching America in Flux, a syndicated U.S.-specific longitudinal, digital ethnography study centered around how behavior and beliefs continue to change during COVID-19 and how they might settle out. Which new behaviors will stick, and which will revert back? Learn more here.
  • In the face of COVID-19 and social distancing, all aspects of the healthcare market research game have changed – the board, the players and the strategy. Read more here.
  • Synthesio is committed to tracking the evolving impact of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as monitoring the long-term effects. Here are some recent highlights of what they’ve learned so far.

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