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Customer Experience Advisory

Driving continuous Customer Experience (CX) improvement and customer centricity.

We work in partnership at all stages of your Customer Experience program to help you deliver on the three key areas that lead to a successful Customer Experience:

  1. Meeting expectations set by the Brand Promise
  2. Providing the right ingredients to drive strong relationships – functional and emotional
  3. Ensuring your employees are deploying the right Customer Experience across every touchpoint and channel; in every single interaction with your customers.

Leading organizations have a clear vision of the Customer Experience they want to deliver, one that aligns with their Brand Promise and resonates with their employees across the board.

At the outset and when CX programs need a “refresh,” we address business questions such as these:

  • Have you defined your CX vision/goals? Is your organization aligned around them and are you “CX ready”?
  • Have you mapped your customers’ journey(s) and determined the ideal journey across every touchpoint and channel?
  • Is your measurement ecosystem driving action and positive business impact? Do you have a CX roadmap in place and a strong CX governance model?

We provide a range of services including assessments of organizations’ CX maturity, audits and design of integrated CX measurement systems, as well as customer and employee journey mapping.

CX Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs and CX Analytics will only take you so far: our teams take the learnings from Customer and Employee Experience measurement programs. To drive business impact, we integrate these learnings with other research and business insights, bring the information to life by real-time dashboards, compelling communications, storytelling, activation workshops and target setting. We help you determine the organizational change required to become truly customer centric. We help you design and deliver Customer Experiences that truly meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Do customer-facing staff have a true understanding of your organizations’ expectations and what customers feel, think and need from interactions and relationships? Are they equipped and empowered to deliver on those needs?
  • Are the right targets set and people incentivized to deliver in the right way?
  • Are your change initiatives working? Are you testing and learning, and “failing” fast enough?

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