Equality Lounge @ CES 2024

Ipsos is proud to partner with The Female Quotient Equality Lounge®, advancing equality together with other leading and forward-thinking brands.

This year, Equality Lounge is returning to CES (and so is Ipsos) with its mission to shape the future of tech and create the Algorithm for Equality.

Consider this:

  • 2% of VC funding goes to female founders
  • 12% of AI researchers are women
  • 33% of the employees at large tech companies are women

Let’s close the gender gap together. Join Ipsos in the Equality Lounge @ CES for transformative conversations, relationship building, and experiential activations. This year, our experts will be joining panel discussions exploring:

The Boss Effect: Why People Experience Matters When It Comes to Employee Wellbeing [January 10, 2pm]

Almost half of female employees reported feeling stressed or anxious when working for a rookie manager, new research finds. But what’s the underlying reason for their workplace dissatisfaction? Studies show two in five women said that new managers motivated their desire to quit. Ipsos' Janet Creaser joins a panel discussion about what skills and resources we can equip new leaders with to shape happy employees and long-lasting teams.

Playing It Safe: How Tech Can Protect and Empower Women [January 10, 2:30pm]

An estimated 85% of women and girls globally have experienced some form of online harassment and abuse, but in today’s rapidly changing tech ecosystem, new products and services are entering the market that safeguard and empower women online. Ipsos' Alyssa Sheehan will join a solutions-driven panel conversation about what companies can do to make their tech solutions work for —not against—women.

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At Ipsos, we are dedicated to researching issues of diversity and inclusion, including gender and intersectionality. Click here to access our library of thought leadership on this topic.