[WEBINAR] How humor can connect your ads with a Gen Z audience

81% of consumers like when brands use humor, but only 28% say brands connect with their comedic sensibilities

People are clear about humor: brands should use it when communicating. But it’s critical to get the tone right. Despite their openness and expectations surrounding the use of humor, Ipsos community members cite only a few brands that deliver.

Join us for our next complimentary webinar featuring online community insights and tips to help you connect with a Gen Z audience. We will reference Ipsos research to explain why:

  1. Brands cannot be all things to all people—those who try risk stumbling into a sticky spot and not reaching anyone
  2. It’s okay to use different messages on different channels such as TikTok or Facebook Reels, depending on your audience
  3. You should diversify your comedic talent, both in the sense of demographic diversity and in the types of comedy represented

We look forward to sharing these insights with you.

To access the recording, please click here.

Speakers :

  • Kelsey Chessey

    Kelsey Chessey, Director, Ipsos Online Communities U.S.

  • Philip Ranly, Community Strategist, Ipsos Online Communities U.S.

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