[WEBINAR] Charting a Course for UX Strategy in Times of Rapid Change

In recent weeks we have begun to learn the impact that Covid-19 is having on our client’s business—from organizational disruption to UX research/design roadmap revisions and internal priority shifts. This pandemic presents many significant challenges to the way business is conducted, but it also presents unique opportunities, especially for User Experience researchers, designers, and product managers to make a meaningful impact on their companies’ products and experiences and their relationship with their users. 

We have all observed that social distancing can be an accelerator of technological adoption and act as an agent of change, but how will that behavioral change impact my product or experience?

Join us for a complimentary webinar where we take the torrent of information and answer a big question: “what next?” We will focus on problems you can solve in this moment, and take a strategic look into how to change course and make product advancement happen in the months ahead. From changing research questions to managing internal stakeholder conversations, this webinar will support your work in the coming weeks and arm you with an understanding of how emerging behaviors with technology can become habit in life after the pandemic. 

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Speakers :

  • Daniel Delaney, Senior Research Director, US, User Experience

  • Yana Beranek, Global Head of UX

  • Megan Machamer , Director, US, User Experience

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