[PODCAST] What the Future: Democracy

Market research is an attempt to understand the way people are similar or different from each other in their attitudes and behaviors. There is arguably no stronger difference today than in our political party identification and all of the divisions big and small that that signals.

Listen in to our podcast-style presentation as we discuss four major topics with the nation’s foremost experts on politics, civic engagement, racial equality, and media:

  • How can we fix politics?
  • To what extent should brands support democracy?
  • How can we make democracy work for all Americans?
  • Can we cover politics without being political?

We help answer how to navigate the complex political landscape, and how brand trust relates to institutional trust in government and media. We also share insights on what future our democracy has and what citizens and companies alike can do to keep it together.

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Speakers :

  • Matt Carmichael, Vice President, Editorial Strategy, North America