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Leading Market Researcher Ipsos-Insight Launches Ipsos PetTrends Tracking Health And Wellness Product Purchases For Cats And Dogs

New York, NY -- Following in the footsteps of PharmTrends174, key opinion leader and respected research into human health purchasing of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, marketing research firm Ipsos-Insight has announced a complementary syndicated service to track consumer purchase behaviour of Cat and Dog health products, called Ipsos PetTrendsSM. The first single-source tool of its kind, Ipsos PetTrendsSM tracks Cat and Dog owner purchasing of both prescription and non-prescription wellness products for pets through Ipsos' longitudinal and static consumer panel. Ipsos PetTrendsSM tracks purchase behavior for treatment across a host of ailment categories for pets, including allergies, arthritis, behavior management disorders, heartworm, and external parasites like fleas and ticks. In addition to capturing purchasing of Cat and Dog medications and wellness products, Ipsos PetTrendsSM tracks specialty Cat and Dog food purchases, specifically those foods that are purchased for a particular health condition. "Ipsos PetTrendsSM is built on Ipsos-Insight's experience in the human health sector, where we have provided single source tracking of Rx fulfillment and OTC purchase behavior from a static and longitudinal consumer panel since 1997," explained Fariba Zamaniyan, a pharmaceutical industry expert and Vice President of the Ipsos Health Practice. PharmTrends has been successful in assisting drug manufacturers within human health to determine the effectiveness of their direct to consumer promotions. Our objective with PetTrends is the same a tool for the Animal Health sector." The American pet industry is a considerably competitive market estimated to be worth over $30 billion dollars, with food and veterinary care the largest areas of consumer expense. With Ipsos PetTrendsSM, pet manufacturers and marketers can determine the impact of strategies such as direct-to-consumer advertising and professional marketing to veterinarians on trial and brand share, buyer loyalty, brand switching, compliance and persistence, Ms. Zamaniyan said. Marketers can target incremental opportunities based on pet owner purchase behaviors observed via PetTrends to chart the course for the future growth of their brands. Ipsos PetTrendsSM captures purchase data through the America Shoppers' Panel: a longitudinal consumer panel of 16,000 households, representative of the U.S. population. Ipsos PetTrendsSM began collecting data in July 2003 and is offered on a syndicated basis, which is available for immediate access. "Through Ipsos PetTrendsSM we've seen thus far that 3 out of 4 pet prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are purchased for Dogs, the remainder for Cats," added Zamaniyan. The most prevalent condition treated for Dogs were external parasites--fleas, mites, and ticks--which accounted for a quarter of Dog owner wellness product purchases. Cat vs. Dog Purchasing "Ipsos PharmTrends has analyzed how direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising and the Internet have revolutionized the way consumers manage their personal health care," added Susan Jones, a veterinarian and market researcher with Ipsos. "The animal health industry is set to experience the same market boom as the growing population of pet owners inform themselves and seek health and wellness products for their Cat or Dog." "Whether it's filling a prescription for your pet at the veterinarians office or filling a prescription for yourself at the pharmacy, DTC advertising asks consumers to do more than simply drive to the store and get a product off the shelf," added Zamaniyan. "And often, people take better care of their pet's health than they do their own, partly because pet health appeals to people's emotional side." For more information on Ipsos PetTrendsSM, visit the homepage. For more information, please contact: Fariba Zamaniyan Vice President Ipsos Health Practice 516.507.3047 For more information on Ipsos' Health Practice visit the homepage. About Ipsos-Insight Ipsos-Insight is a member of the Ipsos Group, a leading global survey-based market research company. As the company's flagship marketing research division in the U.S., Ipsos-Insight provides custom and tracking research to domestic clients as well as U.S.-based multinationals. Ipsos-Insight specializes in research for the Consumer Products, Technology & Communications, Financial Services, and Health industries, to name a few. It also acts as the portal to other Ipsos specializations including advertising research, forecasting, modeling, global research, public opinion research, and customer loyalty research. Let Ipsos-Insight client service representatives help you access more than 4,000 Ipsos research professionals and field staff located coast-to-coast, and around the world. To learn more, visit: About Ipsos Ipsos is a leading global survey-based market research group, with revenues of 538.5 million euros in 2002. It offers a full suite of research services, guided by industry experts and bolstered by advanced analytics and methodologies in advertising, marketing, public opinion and customer loyalty research, as well as forecasting and modeling. Member companies also offer a full line of custom, syndicated, omnibus, panel, and online research products and services. To learn more, visit: Ipsos is listed on the Euronext Paris Premier Marchй, and is part of the SBF 120 and Next Prime Indices as well as eligible to the Deferred Settlement System (SRD). Euroclear code 7329, Reuters ISOS.LN, Bloomberg IPS FP

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