[WEBINAR] Powerful pack testing, made simple: Introducing FastPack to Ipsos.Digital

If you want to capture consumer attention, you need great packaging — and at Ipsos, we know what makes great packaging. 

You can accelerate and optimize your product evaluation journey with FastPack, our approach for rapid and reliable packaging evaluation, newly accelerated by Ipsos.Digital. FastPack pairs Ipsos’ market-leading methodological framework with B-Sci powered insights –offering an understanding of in-market potential backed by our robust database of over 5000 pack designs. The results are powerful, affordable, and with fast, guiding your next steps in as little as 4 hours.

Join us on July 20 for an exclusive launch webinar, where our experts will explain just what makes FastPack so revolutionary. You’ll hear more about:

  • Why FastPack addresses today’s unique challenges for product packaging
  • How Ipsos’ proprietary, sales-focused KPIs uncover in-market potential
  • The intuitive setup process and diagnostic outputs
  • How FastPack fits into the Ipsos.Digital innovation pipeline

With uncompromising devotion to accuracy and efficiency, Ipsos can help you put your best pack forward — faster, and for less. It’s powerful testing, made simple. Now available on Ipsos.Digital.

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Speakers :

  • Brittany Calvert, VP, Ipsos Innovation

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