[WEBINAR] Sustainability Unwrapped: Lessons & Leaders in Sustainable Packaging

In today's discerning market, 'sustainability' is not easily defined: it reflects not just environmental stewardship but also social responsibility, ethical production, and conscientious governance. After analyzing 50 product packages across essential categories like beer, body soap, laundry detergent, and salty snacks, Ipsos is set to share insights that reflect the reality of sustainability in product packaging. Please join us for an engaging webinar that offers a fresh look at sustainable packaging practices. Expect to hear more about:

  • Examine the Impact of Sustainability: Explore the potential of sustainability perceptions to transform packaging appeal
  • Delve into Broad Consumer Insights: Receive cross-category findings on what sustainability means to today's consumers
  • Celebrate the 'Leaders of the Pack’: Discover which product packages are leading the way in sustainability, as rated by consumers
  • Unlock In-Depth Knowledge: Find out how to get the full "Sustainability Unwrapped" series and detailed reports for a richer perspective

This session is an essential opportunity for marketers, product and packaging developers, and sustainability advocates who are keen to refine their strategies in an ever-evolving market. Register now to join a community committed to advancing the dialogue around sustainable packaging solutions. Registering will also ensure you receive a direct link to the recording once published, and notification of future events or Ipsos thought leadership on this topic.

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Speakers :

  • Brittany Calvert, VP, Ipsos Innovation

Consumer & Shopper