[WEBINAR] Unlocking New Opportunities: The Impact of New Voices, The Power of Empathy

Is your team focused on the new voices that will shape the future? Do they have enough empathy to hear them? Do the products and messages you create address emerging desires and frustrations? Join us for our upcoming webinar led by April Jeffries and Sheena Singh from the Ipsos Ethnography Center of Excellence to learn more about these new voices and ensure that your team has enough empathy to hear them.

Uncertainty is all around us. Demographics are shifting, identity is being redefined, AI threatens to replace the human, and the definition of “mainstream” is in unprecedented flux. But periods of change lead to new opportunities. By engaging with the Vibrant Fringes, those who sit on the fringes of traditional groups, you can uncover valuable insights about our deepest current and future needs. Engaging within these colorful vibrant spaces with understanding and empathy can help your organization to get ahead of and navigate the desires and demands of tomorrow. In this webinar we will:

  • Unveil a recent ethnographic study, showcasing human stories that demonstrate the shifting nature of inclusion 
  • Share an Ipsos BSci tool to help identify areas to improve your empathy and better navigate these uncertain times
  • Explore what’s new, what’s human and what’s next within the fertile ground of the Vibrant Fringes

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Speakers :

  • April Jeffries, President, Global Ethnography and Immersion, Ipsos

  • Sheena Singh, Qualitative Research Consultant, Ethnography Center of Excellence