[WEBINAR] What the Future: Teen

Are the kids alright? The milestones and institutions that define the line between adolescence and adulthood are shifting, and teen perspectives on everything from identity and relationships to employment and education in a state of flux. No cap, as the kids say.

What the Future: Teen isn’t another Gen Z report. It’s about what it means to be young in today’s world and what that might look like tomorrow. It’s also not, therefore, an issue about the future of a thing or a topic. But rather a group of humans. So, we’ll talk about where teens are today, what this cohort might look like tomorrow and what “being a teen” might look like in the future, too. 

Join us for a broad look at how shifts in the economy, technology, and society at-large are restructuring teen habits, beliefs, and mental health, what that could mean for the years to come, and why institutions, media and brands across industries should be paying close attention. What the Future Editor Matt Carmichael will guide you through exclusive U.S. data from our Future of Teens study, which will also include highlights from our interviews with:   

  • Robin Watson, head of YouTube Creative, Global Product Solutions
  • Shivani Gorle, senior manager, Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount Advertising
  • Barb Solish, national director in the Office of Innovation at NAMI
  • Kaley Mullin, Youth & Trends Insights Lead, YouTube
  • Justin Massa, senior vice president of Enterprise Services at Newlab
  • Eva Lighthiser, plaintiff, Held v. State of Montana

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Speakers :

  • matt

    Matt Carmichael, What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends and Foresight Lab