Europe’s Affluent Love To Discover The World!

Who doesn’t like to take time off? We know European Affluents certainly do! On average, they take 5 holidays a year (3 in their own country, 2 abroad) and 20% takes over 4 holidays abroad per year.

Do you take 5 holidays a year? Europe’s Affluent do! 

Destination? Europe!

The Affluent most often board planes to: Europe (55%), North America (13%), Asia (9%), Central America/the Caribbean (7%) and Africa (6%)*.

Top of the wish list = Summer sun and short city breaks 

Europe’s Affluent like to spend their days off at the beach catching some summer sun (51%), but short city breaks are also very popular (48%). 

The Affluent enjoy new travel destinations

The majority of Affluents are up for adventure; 73% enjoys going to new travel destinations. 

Affluents favourite holidays


*Destinations based on planned trips for pleasure in the next 12 months. 
Base: N= 27,751

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