[EVENT] BCAMA Vision Conference

Join Ipsos, a proud sponsor, at this year’s VISION Conference featuring a line-up of innovation-themed thought leaders and interactive learning for modern marketers wishing to connect with like-minded change makers. Be sure to drop by our booth to become inspired by exciting advances in research methodologies designed to get beneath the data and uncover insights with market impact.

Visionary Strategies, Insights, and Practices

Behind every game-changing innovation there is a story. A story of an individual or group of individuals who had the foresight to approach an opportunity or problem from a different perspective. And from that perspective they were able to create a product or service that redefined its category… and changed the way we think.

This type of future-forward thinking is what the VISION Conference is all about. It’s a one day, thought leadership & interactive learning event focused on the ideation behind the innovation. You might say it’s the ‘aha’ that precedes’ the ‘ta-dah’. More specifically VISION is at the intersection of strategic planning and open-minded exploration—that ultimately results in visionary outcomes.

But the VISION Conference is more than just strategic insights and of visionary thinking, it’s where modern marketers and aspiring change-makers come together to learn, be inspired, and connect with other like-minded thinkers. It’s also where (digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist) Brian Solis, and the rest of our amazing line-up of speakers and presenters share thought-provoking insights around planning for innovation and the future, as a whole.

For more event details, please visit the BCAMA website.

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