[Event] Corporate Partnership Conference

May 14 @4:15pm, Ipsos’ Jessica Avery will discuss What Canadians Think of Cause Marketing.

Strong cause marketing programs and not-for-profit partnerships are more necessary than ever for corporations. Cause marketing has become the norm. If you are not doing cause marketing or you’re doing a poor job at it, rewards are being left on the table. During this presentation, Jessica will explore:

  • Will Canadians change purchases based on corporate/charity support?
  • Which industry do Canadians expect to give the most to charity?
  • Which brands are considered the most charitable?
  • How does this change for each generation?

Jessica’s presentation will feature the latest results of Ipsos’ annual survey focused on what Canadians expect from corporations and how they should interact with the charitable sector. Ask us more about this study!

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Speakers :

  • Jessica Avery, Ipsos Marketing, Canada

Media & Brand Communication