[EVENT] UX360 Research Summit

UX research is becoming increasingly important as many industries grapple with saturated markets and user churn. Implementing successful UX strategies have proven to deliver ROI for businesses.

UX360 will cater to this trend and offer a unique platform for UX specialists around the world. UX360 will showcase the latest UX and design research - from planning and conducting, to analysis and the implementation of UX insights. This exciting conference includes presentations from top UX researchers from the world’s largest brands, interactive panel discussions and 1-2-1 meetings. This is a must-attend conference for UX researchers to learn, be inspired and network.

Ipsos will be sponsoring the upcoming UX360 Research virtual Summit which will be held on 8th & 9th of February 2022.

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Global inclusivity at the center of UX design

Google Local Insights UXR, Chris Golias, and Ipsos UX SVP, Yana Beranek, will discuss how organizations can put global inclusivity at the forefront of their UX research and design, while addressing how to research underserved populations around the globe to drive better UX and accurate representation of ethnicity, race and socio-economic strata across populations we serve. The tough questions we’ll answer:

  • Why do we need to rethink who we talk to in UX research globally?
  • How does ethnicity, linguistics and socioeconomic status impact who we should talk to?
  • How do we shift strategies for recruiting and research execution to help to reach underrepresented groups?
  • How might you start these conversations within your own organization?

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The Future of UX research: Where are we headed as a discipline?

Damian Rees, UX director Ipsos in Europe, will participate in a panel discussion.

  • How do we adapt to new technologies like metaverse, AR/VR, Machine Learning and AI in the evolving ecosystem better to fuel research and embrace the future?
  • How do we become more inclusive as a discipline and build teams that are inclusive to have a direct impact on inclusive research
  • Positioning UX research as a strategy-led discipline and focusing on discovery research to create better human-centric products
  • Evaluating the use of robotics, codeless programming and cognitive testing and their impact on UX research
  • Reintroducing in-person testing and interviews and the effects of working in a hybrid environment on the workforce in a post covid world
  • Levelling up the research game with Research Ops – How can smaller companies build and scale up their ReOps teams?

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Virtual Booth: Information on UX within Ipsos and inclusive UX

The virtual booth will be hosted by Katharine Davis, Head of UX, Ipsos in Europe and Damian Rees, UX director Ipsos in Europe.

Speakers :

  • Yana Beranek | Ipsos

    Yana Beranek, Senior Vice President, User Experience, Ipsos

  • Chris Golias

    Chris Golias, UX Researcher, Google

  • Damian Rees | Ipsos

    Damian Rees, Director, User Experience (UX) Europe, Ipsos

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