The Future of Research in Kuwait - "The New Normal"

The Future of Research event series kicked off in the MENA region, with Kuwait being the first market to host it. The event entitled the New Normal, accommodated Ipsos through a half day program that took place at the prestigious corporate conference venue of Jumeirah Al Messilah Beach Hotel. The day began with an early morning power breakfast to break the ice and informally introduce clients to the Ipsos senior management team.

The Future of Research in Kuwait - "The New Normal"

Attendees included around 30 senior management representatives from banks and telecommunication companies and the team took this opportunity to showcase Ipsos’ strengths within these two sectors in Kuwait.

The program kicked off with a welcome speech by Amir Fahim, Head of Ipsos in MENA, who introduced the three key note speakers and emphasized how Ipsos in Kuwait is changing the Game in terms of offerings, ways of thinking, and latest research methodologies.

The first presentation was delivered by Edouard Monin, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos in MENA, that was on the Future and Evolution of Research. Thereafter Peter Schnell, CEO of Ipsos Business Consulting highlighted through his presentation 'Disruption Ahead' on how Ipsos wants to go beyond than just being a research services and take on the role of trusted advisor/consultants. It ended with the much awaited and final presentation from Tony Smith, Ipsos Global Head of Financial Services who presented the deck titled 'Trends in Financial Services and in Customer Experience Management.' Most of the Banking and Financial clientele attentively heard him presenting the evolution of financial services around the world especially the upcoming fintech trends and how Ipsos was equipped in providing innovative research solution despite the disruptive changing times and situations.

At the end of the event, there was a short SMS based survey that was created with the help of the Observer Team which was sent to the attendees who got back to us with their valuable comments on the challenges their industries faced. One key feedback on the event from all attendees was on how insightful it was and that it exceeded their expectations. It helped create more talks on the business development level, which would then be followed up with each client on an individual basis in the coming weeks over possible new research solution and services.

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