Holiday Barometer among Europeans & Americans

Europ Assistance releases its 19th annual Barometer on Summer Holidays, focusing on Europeans and Americans holidays plans. In 2019, summer holiday plans are consolidating in almost all countries with an increasing budget in Europe but decreasing in the United States and in Brazil. Millennials and senior holidaymakers behave quite differently when it comes to holidays (anticipation, choice, activities…). There is a growing trend towards more “natural” holidays in Europe, with an increasing share of holidaymakers attracted to the mountains and the countryside.

The author(s)
  • Flora Baumlin Ipsos Public Affairs, France
  • Sarah Duhautois Corporate Reputation, France
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Summer plans

63% of Europeans report they will take leave this summer (-1 pt vs. 2018) and 68% of Americans and Brazilians intend to go on holidays this summer (= vs. 2018)

Summer holidays duration

The summer holiday duration remains below 2 weeks, except for France (2 weeks) and Brazil (2,2 weeks)


The average budget reported for their summer holiday is €2,019 (+3% vs. 2018) for Europeans, $ 2,373 (-10% vs. 2018) (equivalent to €2,131) for Americans, R$ 5,058 (-3% vs. 2018) (equivalent to €1,138) for Brazilians.


In Europe, the top destination is always one’s own country, France being the champion with 56% of French holidaymakers that will go on holidays in France this summer.

Americans and Brazilians also opt for their own country first (respectively 50% and 32% of them).

Europeans are increasingly travelling abroad (69% in 2019, +4pts vs 2017) whereas Americans are increasingly travelling in their own country (77%, +13pts vs 2017).

When it comes to travelling outside of their own country, Europeans keep favouring the same top 3: Spain, France and Italy

Seaside remains the top destination for all interviewed countries, but Europeans are increasingly attracted to the countryside (22%, +3pts) and to the mountains (20%, +2pts).


Summer holidays are mostly shared with the nuclear family: 71% of Europeans go on holidays with their partner, 34% with their children. It is respectively 67% and 31% for the Americans and 57% and 42% for the Brazilians.

Children mostly travel with their parents for summer holidays: 66% of European children do, 59% of American children, and 46% of Brazilian children.


69% of Europeans intend to disconnect completely from work during their holidays (+3pts vs 2018), especially the British (76% of them, +5pts), the French (71%, +1pt), and the Germans (70%, +2pts) while only 63% of Brazilians and 54% of Americans will disconnect from work.

Holiday barometer infographics 2019

The author(s)
  • Flora Baumlin Ipsos Public Affairs, France
  • Sarah Duhautois Corporate Reputation, France

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