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Today's narratives often emphasise the unprecedented changes taking place all around us, as the world embraces the amazing power of new technologies while dealing with a succession of crises. In our next episode we will pause to take stock.

We will be taking a moment to review the big economic, societal and demographic changes currently in play. But we will also be considering those things that change less over time, through the lens of how people live their daily lives. Along the way we ask the question: can change sometimes be overrated?

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What worries the world


What Worries the World? - June 2022

Concern about inflation continues to rise, now worrying almost four in ten people globally
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Views on Inflation in MENA


Views on Inflation in the MENA region

Economic issues top the list of concerns in the region, with inflation being the most concerning issue for people today
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WRD 2022


World Refugee Day Survey

Majorities in the U.S. and globally support allowing more refugees fleeing war, violent conflict, natural disaster, or the effects of climate change into their country
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Responsible driving barometer


Responsible Driving Barometer

53% of European drivers admit they had mental blanks at the wheel
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US Presidential Approval Tracker


US Presidential Approval Tracker

What the data says about real-world trends behind the headlines.This week’s Ipsos Core Political has President Biden with a 36% approval rating, as the majority of Americans believe the country is off on the wrong track
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Global Trends 2021


Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity

The Ipsos' Global Trends Study 2021 is the latest instalment of the wide-ranging Ipsos survey series that seeks to understand how global values are shifting
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Shaping 2025


Shaping 2025 and Beyond

Shaping 2025 and Beyond is a report from Ipsos Futures experts which describes plausible, thought-provoking scenarios of what the next five years may bring, helping governments, businesses and societies strategise for 2025 and beyond
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