On the Move: Measurement for Out of Home Advertising

The changing dynamics of a modernising medium and how to get more from Out of Home (OOH) advertising.

In a new white paper, Andrew Green, Global Head of Business Development – Audience Measurement describes the current state of play in Out of Home (OOH) advertising and the challenge of audience measurement in this medium to increase visibility and impact.

While OOH advertising has long been associated with men in boiler suits carrying buckets of glue to paste up billboards in the middle of the night, digital has brought this medium into the modern day. It now offers interactivity, time-based buying and increasingly sophisticated audience analysis.

Indeed, the challenge of placing the right messages in the right locations requires new forms of audience measurement that can track pedestrian footfall and build customer profiles.

The paper outlines the key components for a ‘gold standard’ OOH measurement system, which include an inventory management system, visible panels and a travel survey. It also suggests how these parts can be tailored and adapted according to limitations on access or budgets.

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