Multiple Communication Channels, One Customer Experience [Webinar recording]

WATCH OUR RECORDED WEBINAR: Acceleration of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Driven by COVID-19 – Where Next?


In March 2020, everything changed. Almost overnight, healthcare professionals were forced to adopt digital channels – first and foremost to communicate with patients, but also to connect with pharma. But the pandemic was a catalyst for a transformation already underway…

In our latest video, Gareth Phillips draws on recent data and experience to illustrate pharma’s accelerated use of digital channels to engage HCPs – and, in turn, HCPs’ growing comfort and reliance on digital.

He goes on to outline the challenges of multi-channel engagement and the corresponding insight needs of commercial teams, concluding with a brief overview of Ipsos’ approach to creating an impactful omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

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