Oncology: the disease, dynamics & challenges of market research

The oncology treatment landscape rarely stands still, and its constant evolution affects all those involved – from patients and their carers to cancer treaters to the companies who manufacture and market treatments.

Oncology: the disease, dynamics & challenges of market research | IpsosIn such a fast-paced and multi-faceted environment, what are the key considerations for those working in oncology today?

In an update of our 2018 edition of this paper, we combine new data from Ipsos’ Global Oncology Monitor with our current therapy expertise and market insight to outline the considerations and challenges for professionals who market, or conduct marketing research for, oncology products.

The fundamentals of the disease and the complexity of its treatment are discussed, as well as specific developments such as biomarker testing, the ongoing rise of immunotherapy and biosimilars and, of course, more recent impacts from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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