Signals #3: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

The third edition of our digest brings together Ipsos’ latest research on coronavirus and draws on our surveys, social media monitoring and analysis from our teams around the world.

The last two weeks have seen further countries moving into lockdown, accompanied by unprecedented interventions by governments to try to stave off job losses and protect their economies. Everything is disrupted.

The aim of this digest is to highlight some of the things we are learning as we go through different stages of the crisis, explore how attitudes may be changing and start to anticipate what the longer-term implications will be for us all.

You can download previous editions of Signals from the dedicated Ipsos COVID-19 web page.

This edition features:

  • Points of view – Many consumer behaviours come from carrying out familiar activities on a routine basis. Our new paper, Staying close to your customers, sets out the steps likely to be involved in building strong customer relationships during times of disruption. In Brand growth in times of crisis, we look at approaches that will help businesses orientate themselves both today and as they look towards a post-crisis world. Meanwhile, The creative fightback explores what people need and expect of brands and their campaigns at this moment, while outlining what actions brands may need to take to secure their long-term survival once the crisis is over.
  • Research insights – With the advent of COVID-19, people, governments and organisations are focused on immediate survival measures. Our Global Trends analysis identifies early signals from the current experience which could in turn influence longer-term change.
  • Opinion polling – Our latest coronavirus opinion poll across 15 countries finds most of us are staying at home to stop the spread of coronavirus, showing the strategy of self-isolation has become well-accepted.
  • Country insights – With American work and life changing dramatically because of coronavirus, we explore how people in the US are adjusting to the new reality. In Spain, we present findings from our ongoing exploration into how Spaniards are responding to isolation. Finally, in China, we reflect on the emerging lessons from the recent period via our new reports covering the coffee, dairy and healthcare categories.

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