Public Opinion on the Covid-19 outbreak

In an uncertain world, data matters. Ipsos experts share the latest research and analysis related to the coronavirus pandemic, based on a multi-country poll.

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Please bookmark this page for the very latest Ipsos research data exploring public opinion and expert insights related to the coronavirus pandemic. Together, this data shows the evolution of people tracking the coronavirus outbreak and worrying about the health epidemic that continues to worsen, before it gets better. These are the results of an Ipsos survey conducted on the Global Advisor online platform. For additional context on how these issues are impacting your organisation, please reach out.

Latest Chinese insights

May 20: Optimism and Anxieties during COVID-19 Outbreak—Chinese consumers in different time Wave2 (Part One) - As the domestic epidemic is now gradually under control, Ipsos launched the second wave of the survey to share the latest trends of consumers.

April 20: Confronting Coronavirus: Looking at the impact of COVID-19 on the economy & the MedTech industry in China

April 9: In pandemic series of Insights - Coffee - In Coffee Insights, our research finds a spike, during the confinement period - in searches on Weibo around coffee stocks - with the absence of regular supply associated with a loss in security. Meanwhile there was an increase in sales of coffee machines, powered by middle-class consumers searching to replicate their lost “routine” of drinking coffee when going about their daily lives.

April 9: Decoding COVID-19: The impact and outlook on dairy consumption - The Dairy: Impact and Outlook report identifies opportunities for the sector to adapt to new consumer experiences. Confinement prompted many to take up home baking, and this was accompanied by a rise in demand for dairy products.

April 9: The impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare category in China - Health and wellness is the theme of our third report, with Cherish Life and Enhance Immunity identified as key themes. Our researchers describe a series of consumer behaviours which could have a longer term impact, such as encouraging the whole household to use a health-related product and an increased willingness to try something new - while acknowledging that it would not have been considered prior to the appearance of COVID-19.

March 25: Corona Virus in China: Impact and Recovery - After more than two months of fighting against Corona Virus, great progress has been made in China and situation is getting better. But with infections breaking out globally, the virus is not contained and people need to make great efforts to resist the virus. Ipsos analyses the impact and recovery in China and hope to provide more information and reference to brands.

March 13: Impact of Coronavirus to new car purchase in China - Ipsos conducted a quick survey in the end of February to monitor the new car purchase intention under the impact of Coronavirus in China.

March 13: Optimism and Anxieties in China during COVID-19 Outbreak - Ipsos has launched series of “Research on Consumers in the Outbreak” to analyse Chinese public opinion on COVID-19 and what’s the impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Consumers.

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