Signals #5: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

This fifth edition of our Signals digest continues to bring together Ipsos’ latest research on coronavirus, including new POVs, country insights, and the latest from the public opinion tracker.

The defining event of 2020 is the spread of coronavirus across the world. Things have moved quickly: the progression from outbreak to pandemic, the imposition of lockdowns around the world and, now, the tentative easing of restrictions.

In our fifth edition of Signals, we showcase some of our learnings so far, and identify how attitudes and behaviours around the world may be changing.

You can download previous editions of Signals from the dedicated Signals hub page.

This latest edition of Signals includes:

  • Points of viewKeeping the Show on the Road examines how audience measurement must continue and adapt in times of crisis so that we can understand the rapid changes happening and be better equipped for future disruptions. And in The Forces of Customer Experience, we introduce a human-centric framework grounded in behavioural science that helps organisations drive stronger relationships through a better understanding of customers’ functional and relational needs.
  • Research insights – How an organisation responds to the coronavirus pandemic can have a big impact on their reputation. Building Blocks of Corporate Trust highlights why delivering on basic needs can help to yield long-term goodwill from customers. Meanwhile, in this analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on how we eat, we use social listening data to explore some of the key themes emerging in online conversations around food, including how eating habits have been changing and how brands can respond.
  • Opinion polling – Our latest 15-country opinion tracker finds that ratings of how good a job governments are doing to contain the coronavirus pandemic have fallen in some of the worst-hit countries.
  • Country insights – In France, our latest opinion polling highlights the impact of the crisis on the country. Some 63% of French people say they feel ready to be released from quarantine, but only one in four feels “perfectly ready” for what comes next. Moving to Canada, a new study reveals two in three Canadians are watching more news as the outbreak continues to unfold – a proportion that rises among women and the older generation. Finally, in Spain we look at reactions from Spanish people as lockdown lifts, and find a characteristic duality between optimism and pessimism.

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