[Taking Responsibility] The Ipsos Foundation Flagship Project - Solace - is well underway

Update on our global CSR project.

The Ipsos Foundation Flagship Project – Solace – is well underway.

The word ‘solace’ means to comfort, to support and to give relief; the Ipsos Foundation is supporting Solace in Kenya as a major ‘flagship’ project and, in December, agreed to fund the project with an important award. The first of three tranches of money has been provided to Solace for the task of building four classrooms, a dining room and pit latrines. The work is now well underway and we will be giving further updates on this important project. The Solace Education Centre seeks to address the high illiteracy levels amongst children and early marriages of girls as young as thirteen years, freeing them from the grip of traditions that impact negatively on their lives.

News on the outcome of applications to the most recent Ipsos Foundation Trustee meeting will be given very shortly.