Taking Responsibility - Reading for Pleasure

Supporting French disadvantaged children to read and write.

Taking Responsibility - Reading for Pleasure

Ipsos is committed to educational access through its Foundation to create social impact where it is located. Its mission is to carry out educational programmes for underprivileged children and adolescents in the world.

Each year in France an estimated 100,000 children fail to learn to read adequately in the early grades. The Ipsos Foundation is supporting the Coup de Pouce Clé programme which aims to provide children aged six to seven years with the support they lack within their family and social environment in order to learn how to read and write. In a Coup de Pouce Clé ‘club’ a group of five children participate in after-school sessions, four days a week. A youth worker encourages them to take part in playful reading and writing activities and each day they experience the pleasure of reading in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The Ipsos Foundation award will support the opening of 50 clubs benefitting 250 disadvantaged children and their parents in various Ipsos locations, including Paris 13th district and Lyon.