Taking Responsibility - School Rebuilding in Nepal

Back in 2015, work started on re-building a school in a remote part of Nepal that had been destroyed by the devastating earthquake there.

Funding for the building was provided by the Ipsos Foundation with Ipsos staff fundraising to help buy desks, chairs and pens.


Pawanesh Malla (from Ipsos in New York) recently met up with John White (from the Gurkha Welfare Trust who are managing the building) to visit the new building site. The construction work will be complete in 2-3 weeks, before the start of the monsoon season.


Pawanesh Malla was welcomed with flower garlands by the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the school principal, the teachers and the students who were all hugely appreciative of the support that Ipsos has provided to enable the rebuilding of their school.  


Pawanesh Malla said, “The whole village and everybody involved in the rebuilding wanted me to convey their heartfelt thanks to both the Ipsos Foundation and the Ipsos fundraising team that came together to make this dream a reality. I felt truly proud to be able to visit them, representing Ipsos and my message to the other members of the fundraising team “thanks for all the wonderful work and I hope you are able to visit the school too in the future”.

If you are able to help with the fundraising visit the site here.