[WEBINAR] Best-in-Class Customer Experience Culture: A 4-Stage Framework

There’s no doubt that CX is a big business and it’s getting bigger. Some estimates put the measurement and implementation of CX programmes at $11 billion globally by 2020. Years of experience building thousands of CX programmes across numerous industries and global markets give Ipsos Loyalty a keen sense of why some well-intentioned CX programmes fail. One thing is clear — we see success when organisations do a good job of translating their CX vision into a reality. But how do successful companies make that happen? They do it by committing themselves to a disciplined process that involves the four stages.

View this recorded webinar for a better understanding of our four-stage conceptual framework designed to help point you in the right direction in terms of program design. Your future success depends on it.

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Speakers :

  • Kate Barker, Ipsos Loyalty, US

Customer Experience