[Webinar] Demystifying double materiality: A new model to guide ESG Corporate strategy

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In this webinar on demystifying double materiality, we delve into what double materiality assessments are and share Ipsos’ new innovative approach to it. You will walk away learning how your business can effectively navigate this new reporting mandate.

What is double materiality?

Double Materiality assessments are a critical tool to help bridge the perceived divide between what is good for financial health of a business and what’s good for the people and the planet. However, as a relatively new concept with no universally standardised alignment and many competing frameworks on guidance, many businesses are at risk of carrying out double materiality in a way that does not add meaningful value to investors or to sustainability strategies.

What are the limitations of current approaches?

We will cover some limitations of traditional approaches, including:

  • Reliance on perception based results
  • Competing, confusing guidelines and frameworks
  • Data manipulation with weighting
  • Lacking objectivity and following ‘company protocol’
  • Lacking in a ‘whole business’ approach

The need for a new, innovative model

There is a need for a novel, innovative model that addresses current limitation and increases confidence in the results of the stakeholder consultations. Ipsos will detail this new approach, alongside best practices for execution in this webinar.

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Speakers :

  • Jessica Long | Ipsos

    Jessica Long, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability Practice, Ipsos

  • Christine Glatz Rush, Consultant, Strategy3, Ipsos UK

  • Arushi Gupta

    Arushi Gupta, ESG Manager, Strategy3, Ipsos UK

  • James Allen

    James Allen, Associate Director, Corporate Reputation , Ipsos UK