[WEBINAR] The Future of DIY Research: the Digital Platform

As the speed of innovation increases, the ability to gain quick insights into consumer behavior is essential. In order to meet this need, Ipsos has created its own proprietary DIY platform giving clients direct access to Ipsos products. This helps to save time and money, since they no longer need to coordinate with a researcher. It’s simple: select the appropriate research product; select sample settings; upload stimuli; launch the study. All results are also available in the platform itself.

View our on demand demonstration of Ipsos’ Digital Platform. See for yourself why it’s the ideal tool for claim, variety, name, and image testing. Testing of these stimuli utilizes Ipsos’ Duel methodology (products for other research needs and stimuli will be available in the future). Duel is a choice exercise that better replicates the consumer decision-making process. By incorporating a measure of both direct consumer interest (the selection made) with a timing component (how quickly the selection is made), Duel provides a more robust picture of consumer interest. Respondents see a series of items in pairs, and winning pairs proceed on to later rounds until a final choice is made.

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Speakers :

  • Adam Brown, Senior Account Manager, Innovation, US

  • Nicole Alexander, Senior Vice President, Innovation, US

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