[WEBINAR] The Future of Snacking: Bite-Size Insights

The Future of Snacking: Bite Size Insights

Tremendous growth in snacking has resulted in Canadians’ re-shaping how they define their in-between meal eating behaviour. The long-held belief that a snack was solely a treat-oriented, in the moment, indulgence has evolved into a snacking mindset anchored in mindful and healthy eating together with enjoyment and indulgence.

More than two-thirds of all consumption occasions occur outside of and in-between traditional meals, as snacks. As consumers frequently engage in snacking behaviour, there is a growing necessity to understand with increased specificity and by occasion what the individual consumer of today demands from his or her choices, particularly since snacking is such a solo and personal behaviour.

Only FIVE’s ongoing daily capture of what Canadians eat and drink across all categories/brands, occasions and venues, both at home and away from home, reveal snacking consumption patterns and attitudinal traits driving behaviour today.

Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring highlights from our Spring 2019 report, with new data exploring:

  • Snacking Basics
  • Alternative Protein Snacking
  • Winners from Premium & Organic Growth
  • The Away from Home Opportunity
  • Gen Z Cohorts Coming of Age

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Speakers :

  • Kathy Perrotta, Ipsos Marketing, Canada

Consumer & Shopper