Global Business Influencers | APAC 2021 [Webinar recording]

Global Business Influencers webinar

2021 has been a turbulent year, none more so than for Global Business Influencers who have had to make key business decisions worth trillions of dollars over video calls while managing background disruption and potentially with vast numbers of their global workforce working from home.

James Torr and Reece Carpenter from Audience Measurement at Ipsos explored the latest data from the survey, at a global and regional level.​​​​​​


  • How businesses have adapted over the past year
  • The importance of ESG and sustainability in business and personal lives
  • Spotlight on regional trends
  • Podcast listening behaviour – habits and preferences

Download the GBI APAC presentation


Speakers :

  • James Torr, Audience Measurement, UK

  • Reece Carpenter, Audience Measurement, UK

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