[WEBINAR] Innovation through the consumer lens

Even established financial brands are at risk of losing influence and market share as innovative new entrants begin to inspire and occupy the attention of consumers. So, what is it that is appealing to consumers, and why aren’t we listening to them more?

Financial innovations can be brought to life by structural change, technology, channels, or based on consumer input. But to be successful, it is essential to understand how consumers respond to innovation so that investment – both time and money – is put behind the most likely to thrive. 

On 12 November, Ipsos Innovation team hosts a twenty-minute webinar exploring two new product propositions and examining what the consumer response to them can tell us about innovation for banks and insurers. 

Led by Miriam Comber, Lead Director in our Service, Durables and Tech Innovation practice, our finance and innovation experts will set the context, explain their thinking and share two exciting new case studies to help you examine the threats and why they appeal to modern-day consumers.

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Speakers :

  • Miriam Comber, Research Director, Innovation, UK

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