Ipsos.Digital: DIY Solutions Demo & Case Studies [Webinar recording]

View our on demand demo and case studies of Ipsos’ DIY or Researcher-Assisted DIY platform, Ipsos.Digital. Our platform supports Ipsos’ total commitment to deliver fast, high-quality data while bringing the best of science, technology and know-how to its clients.  Ipsos.Digital streamlines processes and enables clients to access global insights and research within hours, instead of weeks. This intuitive end-to-end platform provides access to Ipsos’ fully integrated high-quality online panels of consumers and allows clients to launch their own studies or partner with an Ipsos expert for support. With ease and speed, clients will be able to access data via an automated dashboard, a cross-tabulation tool or exportable reports (PDF, PowerPoint, SPSS, Excel) and for specific solutions, can opt to receive customized reports with validated insights.

During this session, we demo, provide case studies and discuss our approach/methodologies for all of our Ipsos.Digital solutions:

  • Fast Facts: An ad-hoc solution that allows users to build their own questionnaire and collect fast and reliable data
  • Duel: A fast, agile and behavioral screening solution for simple marketing stimuli, such as claims, varieties, names and visuals
  • InnoTest: An innovation solution to test and evaluate ideas, concepts or anything in between
  • Creative|Spark: A creative assessment tool used to quickly learn, evaluate and optimise video creative

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Speakers :

  • Maria Perez, Senior Vice President, Head of Ipsos.Digital, NA

  • Jeremy Survance, Vice President, Innovation, US

  • Pedr Howard, Senior Vice President, Creative Excellence, US

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