[WEBINAR] Make a Big Splash With Your Small Business

Make A Big Splash With Your Small Business

How does a small niche retailer remain competitive and survive in today's retail online/offline multi-billion dollar industry? Savvy marketing, accessing target customers, and a healthy dose guerrilla warfare social media marketing, all play a part in a retailers current and future success.

As business managers, you need support when navigating this competitive industry. Being small may seem like a disadvantage, but at Ipsos, we know what you need to succeed both online and offline, through our full suite of sales and marketing research services.

View this on demand webinar to hear our experts discuss data and trends from recent work done at Ipsos to support this thriving business industry. Learn how to best target ideal customers, address customer pain points, and better understand how to build successful go-to market client solutions.

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Speakers :

  • Chris Deeney, Public Affairs, US

  • Mike Colledge, Public Affairs, Canada

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