Our Hybrid World: Technology’s role in supporting a balanced lifestyle [Webinar recording]

People’s relationship with technology has deepened during the pandemic, impacting many essential aspects of daily life from work and family management to entertainment, commercial transactions, and social interactions. As the reality of an increasingly hybrid future takes shape, what is technology’s role in supporting the overall balance and well-being people will inevitably continue to seek out?

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we share new insights from Ipsos’ U.S. syndicated online community addressing how consumers are navigating through a hybrid existence and the role brands can play in supporting evolving consumer needs now and in the future. Topics we will explore include:

  • A deep dive into the emotions, experiences, and behaviors associated with today’s hybrid world through the lenses of work, life, and overall well-being
  • How different segments of the population are adopting and leveraging new technology platforms and tools to survive and thrive in a connected world
  • Current pain points and opportunities for brands to step in and facilitate ongoing balance and well-being in people’s everyday lives.


Speakers :

  • Amber Jawaid, Online Communities, Ipsos UU, US

  • Kristyna Kanzler, Online Communities, Ipsos UU, US

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