Sharpening physician insights: Integrating patient record auditing for increased accuracy and specificity [Webinar recording]

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar, co-hosted with Intellus Worldwide, on December 4, 2019. Though you missed our live presentation, we are delighted to provide you with the recording of this informative session you can view on demand at your leisure.

Access the recording: Sharpening physician insights: Integrating patient record auditing for increased accuracy and specificity

The global healthcare landscape is rapidly changing; in order to successfully compete, companies must stay up to date on the latest treatment paradigms. Traditional market intelligence platforms often generalize how patient factors shape the treatment landscape, leaving companies wondering how they can deliver further value to physicians. Drawing from unique patient experiences, record auditing can identify how specific patient factors influence physicians’ decisions, delivering insights you need to identify treatment gaps and develop targeted solutions.

Listen to our webinar, co-hosted with Intellus Worldwide, and learn how you can leverage patient record auditing to develop a tailored portfolio strategy that helps physicians address their most challenging patient populations. Ipsos experts will show you how this proven approach can generate better strategic insights by relying on the day-to-day experience of your physician customers.

Don’t settle for generalized results that fail to consider the unique needs of individual patients. Learn as we outline how patient record auditing has been successfully used to profile treatment patterns in a more meaningful way, even among rare patient populations. Our experts will demonstrate the benefits of patient record auditing, which enable you to:

Go beyond treatment of the “average” patient:

  • Optimize your market intelligence spend, by leveraging each physician’s diverse patient population
  • Overcome estimation errors, by limiting reliance on physician recall
  • More accurately measure treatment patterns in practice, including the influence of patient factors

Some key takeaways from the session: Sharpened insights through patient record auditing will help inform successful portfolio development and commercialization strategies that consider the unique needs of customer segments. Let Ipsos’ experts show you how this approach can help your organization make more strategic decisions to drive success!

Speakers :

  • Joseph Heins, Research Director, Healthcare, US

  • Gina Champion, Account Manager, Healthcare, US

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