Sustainability redefined: What we know [Webinar recording]


The world continues to change at lightning speed. Technological advances, cultural shifts, economic structures that have been completely overhauled, and monumental threats to the environment are all reshaping the planet as we know it.

In fact, due to Covid-19 coronavirus, what was true, even a month ago, in the world of sustainability has changed dramatically. For example, prior to coronavirus, consumers were making a concerted effort to reduce their use of single use plastic bottles, but it became necessary during the crisis to stock up on water. Is this a short term fix or a long term change in attitudes and behaviour?

View our on demand webinar to hear a synthesis of dozens of research reports and expert opinions, as well as insights from recently fielded survey questions to gauge possible behaviour changes related to sustainability after coronovirus, in order to provide a definitive POV on the consumer/citizen paradigm.

During this presentation, we provide an introduction to the issue and discuss its salience with a deep dive on plastics and recycling. We then discuss who consumers/citizens believe is responsible for protecting the environment for future generations and provide a link between a company’s reputation and perceptions.

Ultimately, we share a few case studies of ground-breaking work that Ipsos is currently doing around the globe in the area of sustainability – and look to advance the ongoing discussion in this fascinating rapidly evolving area.

This was the first of a 3-part webinar series exploring sustainability in a new era. Please be sure to join us for our next session on April 22.

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Speakers :

  • Natalie Lacey, Public Affairs, US

  • Trent Ross, Executive Vice President, Corporate Reputation, US

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