Ipsos Update – February 2024

Gender, politics, manufacturing… Ipsos Update explores the latest and research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

As we enter the new year some topics remain at the forefront of conversation. Artificial intelligence continues its advancement, and we see its deployment in a range of sectors from customer experience and manufacturing to agriculture. Read our latest report, conducted on behalf of Google, which examines people’s perceptions to AI around the world.

2024 is also a year of elections, with over 50 scheduled, most notably the U.S., U.K., and India. We’re starting to gear up for a busy year of public opinion!




In this edition

What Worries the World

Inflation is the number one global concern once again, but levels of worry have been on the decline for three months. Argentina and Poland continue to ride their post-November election highs.

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Not Doomed to Repeat

Generative AI has rapidly democratised the power of text-based AI. We draw on 15 years of text analytics learnings to share five lessons teams must keep in mind when using Generative AI tools.

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A Question of Gender

This paper discusses the importance of asking about gender in an inclusive way, especially when conducting international research. It also presents a recommended question framework.

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Workplace Trends in Singapore

Singapore’s workplace culture is mostly seen as a positive experience. However, Singaporeans rank significantly lower than the global norm when it comes to pride in their work.

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Our Life With AI

A new study conducted for Google examines global public perceptions of AI today, the near future, and the distant future. Overall, many people are optimistic for AI’s applications.

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What The Future: Manufacturing

The “death of manufacturing” in the US is a trope that has made deadlines for years, but with AI, geopolitical changes and ESG, manufacturing isn’t dying but evolving.

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Social Misfits

A new paper by our Creative|Spark Digital team examines the evolving landscape of social media advertising. Digital ad media spending is set to outpace any other by 2025.

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Business and Politics

Sidestepping politics is not always within a company’s control. We share four key tactics for organisations to manage the increasing politicisation of their consumer base.

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Also find a spotlight on the KEYS webinar looking at The Year Ahead, perceptions of shrinkflation and skimpflation and the latest Brand Talk episode exploring digital effectiveness.