What’s new in market research

Are you curious about what's new in market research? Visit our new office on Thursday 18 may and find out about the latest research innovations that provide insights with more speed, simplicity, substance and security! Get inspired by Ipsos experts and our client speakers including AkzoNobel, Uber and Hunkemöller.

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14.30 - 15.00h:


15.00 - 15.20h:

Welcome and opening

15.30 - 17.20h:

Session program

-15.30 - 16.00h: Round 1
-16.10 - 16.40h: Round 2
-16.50 - 17.20h: Round 3

17.30 - 19.00h:

Drinks reception


Round 1 - 15.30 - 16.00h

Trackers of the future: goodbye big & bulky. Hello flexible & actionable! - By M. Donovan, Uber EMEA Research & Insights and P. van Verseveld, Research Director at Ipsos

VR in retail: testing store environments - By T. van den Bergh, Market Research Manager at Hunkemöller International BV

Round 2 - 16.10-16.40h

The magic of 3D segmentation -  By P. Verhoelst, Associate Research Director at Ipsos

A new way of measuring audience reach - By P. Eldon, Technical Audience Manager at Ipsos in Great Britain

Round 3 - 16.50 - 17.20h

How to build internal engagement through storytelling - By P. Venetikidis, Global Insights, Professional Decorative Paints at AkzoNobel and Rohit Jhamb, Head of Clients at Ipsos

Getting sticky: how emotionally attached are your customers? By M. van den Heuvel, Director Loyalty at Ipsos

Welcome to the call center of the future - By H. van Leeuwen, Callcentre Manager at Ipsos

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