BBC Coverage Of Queen Mother's Death "About Right"

Most viewers say BBC showed "enough respect" in its initial week's coverage of the death of the Queen Mother, according to MORI

Most viewers say BBC showed "enough respect" according to MORI

ALMOST two thirds (64%) of the public feel the BBC's initial week's coverage of the death of the Queen Mother was "about right". Those who disagreed were divided between the 11% who thought it was not respectful enough, and the eight per cent who thought it was "too respectful".

The results, released today by MORI Telephone Surveys (MTS), are from research looking into the public's viewing habits since 30th March, when the Queen Mother's death was announced, up to the following weekend. Almost three quarters (74%) say they had watched coverage on BBC1, with more than half (56%) watching ITV's coverage. BBC2's coverage was watched by 31%, Channel 4's by 23%, Channel 5's by 16% and Sky's by 14%.

The majority of people heard the news almost immediately. More than three in five of those surveyed said they heard before 6pm on Easter Saturday, which was at about the time the announcement was made by Buckingham Palace. Only one in 20 (5%) did not hear the news until the following day.

Top Line Results

  • MORI interviewed 1,002 British adults aged 16+ on the MORI Telephone Surveys (MTS) Omnibus
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone between 5-7 April 2002.
  • Results are based on all respondents unless otherwise stated.
  • Data are weighted to known population profile
  • An '*' indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero

Q1 When did you hear that the Queen Mother had died?

Easter Saturday before 6 p.m. 61
Easter Saturday 6 p.m. -- before 7 p.m. 20
Easter Saturday 7 p.m. -- before 8 p.m. 4
Easter Saturday 8 p.m.- before 9 p.m. 2
Easter Saturday 9.p.m. -before 10 p.m. 1
Easter Saturday 10 p.m. onwards 1
Easter Sunday 5
After Easter Sunday 2
Hadn't heard *
Don't know 5

Q2 On which television and radio stations, if any, have you seen or heard coverage of the Queen Mother's death? Base: 1,000 British adults 16+ who heard of the Queen Mother's death

BBC1 74
BBC2 31
ITV 56
Channel 4 23
Channel 5 16
Sky 14
Other satellite or cable TV 3
BBC Radio 1 5
BBC Radio 2 5
BBC Radio 3 *
BBC Radio 4 8
BBC Radio 5 Live 3
Any BBC local radio 3
Any commercial national radio (e.g. Virgin, Classic FM, TalkSport) 4
Any commercial local radio 5
Other 3
None of these 3
Don't know 2

Any BBC TV 75
Any BBC Radio 21
Any BBC 80

Q3 There has been some criticism over the last few days of the way the BBC reported the Queen Mother's death. Do you think that the BBC's coverage was too respectful, not respectful enough, or was it about right? Base: 1,000 British adults 16+ who heard of the Queen Mother's death

Too respectful 8
Not respectful enough 11
About right 64
Don't know 17

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